2022-2023 academic year graduates' departure procedures

Chaoyang University of Technology 2022-2023 academic year graduates' departure procedures

1. The date of the graduation ceremony of this academic year and the participating colleges are as follows:

(1) May 27, 2023 (Saturday) - school level (all doctoral students, representatives of each master class, representatives of all departments of the university department, representatives of the university department awardees), College of Management, College of Science and Engineering.

(2) May 28, 2023 (Sunday) - College of Information, College of Aviation, College of Design, College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

(3) Please go to the office of each department to collect the degree certificate on the day of the end of the graduation ceremony of the college you belong to and complete all the school-leaving checkpoints

(4) Copy of the certificate with the proof stamp - 10:00-17:30

2. Time for graduates to leave school:

From May 9, 2023 (Tuesday), go to the "Student Information System" \ "Freshman and Graduates Area" \ "School Leaving Procedures Control Points" to inquire and complete various control points.

3. Schedule, level, and place for receiving the degree (graduate) certificate:

(1) Collect at the office of each department:

A. Those who have completed the graduation course (not counting the lower course) - those who have reached the graduation qualification after the graduation ceremony

B. Only the threshold for certificates that have not yet started - from June 20 (Tuesday)

C. Those who have passed the lower-level courses and will be eligible for graduation - see details from July 5 (Wednesday) (Note 1)

Completion of summer (inter-school) courses - the timetable for delivery of results to the Academic Affairs Office and the date and place of collection

D. Delivery before June 27th (Tuesday) ~ July 24th (Monday) - collection from July 27th (Thursday)

E. Delivery before July 25th (Tuesday) ~ August 14th (Monday) - pick up from August 14th (Monday)

F. Delivery before August 15th (Tuesday) ~ August 28th (Monday) - pick up from August 31st (Thursday)

(2) Digital degree certificate collection process - after receiving the paper degree certificate. The school is expected to issue the digital degree certificate by e-mail in early August. Send the application form for the digital degree certificate to the Chaoyang Internet mailbox Student ID@o365.cyut.edu.tw. Please pay attention to the e-mail, and download and save the [Digital Degree Certificate].

(3) Those who have not received it since October 2 (Monday)

Full-time student—The office of Admission Secetion (2nd Floor, Administration Building, extension 4012-4018).

Evening Division student - The office of the Department of Evening Division (1st Floor, Management Building, extension 4624).

Students with Easy Card functions must go to the Easy Card company website to change the Easy Card to a registered card before leaving school, so as not to affect their rights and interests;

(Note 1) Summer vacation office hours: June 26 to September 1, 2012, Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm: From June 26th to September 1st, 2023, Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

4. Various important school leaving procedures (items, organizers (extensions)):

(1) "Confirm basic information" and "Fill out school leaving questionnaire" --- extension 5064, Alumni Service and Career Development.

(2) Return of Bachelor's (Master's) Uniforms - Please return them to Teaching Building T1-202 on the day of the graduation ceremony from May 27th to 28th. For compensation in case of loss or damage, please go to the above return location. The security deposit will be forfeited if it is not returned within the time limit. --- extension 1269, Graduation Association, extension 5025, Extracurricular Activity Section.

(3) Upload a digital version of the thesis (only for graduate students)---- extension 3173, Acquisition and Cataloging Section

(4) Submit paper thesis for Ph.D. and master's degree - graduate students are required to submit 2 paper thesis (without the watermark of the school emblem). --- Admission Secetion (2nd Floor, Administration Building, extension 4012-4018).

5. Other application forms and precautions related to leaving school:

(1) A photocopy of the degree certificate -

A. Seal that matches the original - Please take the original copy to the office of the Admission Secetion (2nd Floor, Administration Building, extension 4012-4018).

B. Stamping the school seal - Please make a photocopy, go to the "Automated Payment Machine or Information Station" or choose "Affix a copy of the degree certificate with the school seal" (NT$10 per copy) and pay the fee, and then go to the office of Admission Secetion for processing.

(2) Apply for an English diploma

A. Handling documents: application form, passport photocopy, and cost NT$100.

B. Collection time: applicants who apply in advance will be issued the Chinese degree certificate.

(3) Apply for Transcripts of Past Years in Chinese and English - Please go to the "Automated Payment Machine or Information Station" and select "Transcripts of Past Years in English" (NT$20 per copy)to print out on the spot.

For the above-detailed information, please go to the website of the Academic Affairs Office, https://acad.cyut.edu.tw/, the school switchboard 04-23323000