Recruitment Services Section

Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs performs a number of important administrative tasks,including classes,grades,admissions,and registration services.


1.Recruitment Services Section:

Recruitment Services Section

Major Works

This section handles the advertisement of student recruiting, and the introduction of the schools and departments. This section also manages the entrance examinations, and selections.

1.Recruitment Promotion

(1)    Promotion at senior and vocational senior high schools.

(2)    Reception of the visits from senior and vocational senior high schools.

(3)    Publication and distribution of brochures and posters for recruitment purposes.

(4)    Exhibition at University Exposition.

(5)    Camps for senior and vocational senior high school students in summer and winter vacations.

(6)    Strategic alliance with excellent senior and vocational high schools.

(7)    Recruitment of Mainland China Students and Overseas Chinese Students.


2.Admissions for R.O.C. Citizens

(1)    Day school 4-year college admission. (application, recommendation and screening, excellent recommendation, registration and placement, multi-star)

(2)    Entrance examination for students transfer at sophomore and junior year of 4-year college.

(3)    Disabled students admission.


3. Admissions for Overseas Chinese Students

(1)    Day school 4-year college admission.

2.Admissions Section:

This section regulates student's enrollment, identification card,leaves of absence, withdrawal, and transfer as well as documents such as the proof of student's status, the Chinese or English transcripts and diplomas, and later on.

3.Curriculum Services Section:

This section operates the course selection, the class scheduling,the examination services, and the classroom arrangement as well as the attendance records.

4.Innovative Teaching and Learning Center:

The center is dedicated to enhance faculty professional growth, to improve quality, and to pursue excellence in teaching and learning.








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